Friday, March 19, 2010

Trader Joe's?

The talk of the town still seems to be about the possibility of a Trader Joe's store opening in the old Wild Oats location on Marginal Way. Whole Foods took over Wild Oats a few years back, and in Portland they closed the Wild Oats and built a Whole Foods down the street (you can see it in the left corner of this photo). Apparently the sale of this building to Trader Joe's has to clear the FTC first due to the nature in which the Wild Oats buy-out took place.

Feel free to share your Trader Joe's support or hatred in the comments section! I personally would like an Ikea to open up here.

Edit - Thanks Jubal for pointing out that this isn't the building in question. This is the former home of "The Whole Grocer." Wild Oats and the building in question is actually to the immediate right of this photo, next to the current Eastern Mountain Sports. As one might guess, I do most of my shopping at the Hannaford, which is a few hundred feet behind where this photo was taken.

Maybe they should open up a new natural grocery store called "Nature's Whole Wild Oats Grocery Foods Emporium and Coffee Shoppee" in the building that today's photograph features.