Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ships Ahoy

This is a close up view of the Algobay (tanker?) ship that is parked in Portland for the winter. Usually this space is used for cruise ships in the summer, so the city made a smart move and rented the spot out to this ship for the winter.

Today's reader photo, below, is from Michael Sosnowski of Maine Real Estate News and Maine Home Connection. I hear that now is the right time to buy! I like how this tanker, unloading at Spring Point in South Portland, has "protect the environment" written on it. Aside from any cynical remarks I can make about that, it's more inspiring than the standard "no smoking" that is usually put up in that spot (that's also a good message for sailors and the general public!)

Local News by professionals:

Press Herald reports (that's what they do) about the State Theater. Is it actually going to re-open?!?

Channel 6 can't tell us whether the Pirates are moving to Albany or not. The civic center needs replacing, but even if the Pirates leave there is a good shot at getting another AHL or ECHL or Quebec Major Junior team in there.