Sunday, May 24, 2009

Moose on the loose


PORTLAND — A moose that wandered into Portland early today was shot by police after state biologists made several unsuccessful attempts to tranquilize the animal.

Police Lt. James Sweatt said the moose was sighted in the Forest Avenue area around 6 a.m. The animal headed toward the peninsula and "spent quite a lot of time" in Baxter Woods, Sweat said, before moving in the direction of Forest Avenue again.

Sweat said police summoned state biologists, who tried four or five times to shoot the animal with a tranquilizer but could not bring it down.

A police officer shot the moose with a firearm when it moved toward Forest Avenue again. Sweat said officials were concerned that it could be hazardous to the public to discharge the tranquilizer gun near a busy area.

Just a comment about  that last paragraph - Isn't it equally, if not more, dangerous to discharge a rifle in a busy area compared to a tranquilizer gun? Or maybe they could have given the tranquilizer gun to the police officer since he had a better shot than the biologists. I'm glad no one got hurt and disappointed that a moose was.