Thursday, October 23, 2008

Portland Green Streets Day

Green Streets Day is the last Friday of every month, and is a grassroots effort to encourage alternate (green) transportation. They have a poster somewhere on the site that you can print off, but I didn't care for it so I made my own. They weren't interested in my design I guess, but if you live in Portland feel free to print it and hang it up somewhere!


  1. Hey great poster! :) And a great idea. I can't wait until I get back to civilization and can do things like this!

  2. Hi Corey! We just saw your link and love your poster (definitely a huge improvement over our MS Word super simple version :)! Thanks for putting your design talents to work for the cause and we'd love to upload it to our site with credit links to you. Let us know if that's okay with you and we'll make it happen. Take care and hope to see you out there in green!

    Sarah Cushman
    Lead Organizer
    Portland Green Streets