Thursday, September 25, 2008

Buy a real Yard Follow Up

From the USM parking garage recently (I had some skyline shots but they didn't come out as clear and crisp as I wanted). For some interesting reads about this and other development in bayside, check out the Forecaster in print and online.

How strange that this post was linked to by two sources yesterday. PortlandPsst! send me plenty of visitors and linked to an article on the subject here. I'm not sure if they were being serious (or how they found my blog), but a person on a random forum linked to the picture from here and claims that it is their sister's truck. If I knew that more than 10 people were going to look at this photo I would have gone to the other side and got a nicely framed shot with the owner(s) out in front instead of taking a quick shot from across the road. Maybe next time!

Also, if you type "help me buy a real yard" into google, my post is the first search result. Score.

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